24/03…Burning in flames!

Today I’m writting in English to let you all know…

It is the 2nd day of Spring and my Country is burning again with fires spread a bit here and there. Temperatures are 8ºC above average and persisting that way for weeks and weeks…no end near.

My country have extensively beeing burn down in 2017…and a lot was anounced…little has been done.

How many more goats and sheep in the mountains?

How many successful Native florests rebuilt?

How many ecossystems repaired?

How many new organic farmers installed?


The answer keep being…trucks hauling water, eliminate each and every piece of wild vegetation at any mean, airplanes and helicopters to fight the fire.

No…absolutely no change for better can be expected.



Sobre abelhasdoagreste

Jovem, apicultor apaixonado e que comercializa inovação apícola.
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